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NOTE:  Dues for 2023  are due NO later than DECEMBER 31, 2022

***Any member whose dues are not postmarked by 12/31/2022 will be dropped from membership, and will be required to reapply as an associate member.

Any regular member in good standing for at least 2 years that wishes to be listed on the Breeder Referral page, must also sign an updated “Ethical Guidelines form”.  Cost for the Breeder Referral listing is $50.00.  Please note the listings to this referral page are done only in January of that year and will not be added after that time.

Once Marji receives your signed copy of the ethical guidelines, you will be sent a link to pay for breeder referral.   This is for breeder referral only.  You have already received a link to pay your yearly dues in a separate email.

Signed Ethical Guidelines should be sent to:

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