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This list contains Club Members that have signed our Ethical Guidelines with regard to responsible breeding and animal ownership.  Please note, while all of these breeders are members of the CKCSCSC, the Club does not guarantee that all of these breeders will meet your personal standards.  Therefore, you must take the responsibility to do your own research. 

Each breed of dog has certain genetic defects they may be predisposed to.  It is the responsibility of the prospective new owner to research the breed they are interested in and ask questions of the breeder about health testing and documentation.  A breeder cannot (and should not) guarantee their dogs will not produce genetic defects in their offspring, only that they have done appropriate testing in their dogs in an attempt to breed healthy puppies.  (for example, in Cavaliers, a breeder should not be advertising their Cavaliers and the offspring as free from the Mitral Valve Disease gene.  All Cavalier King Charles Spaniels carry the gene for Mitral Valve disease.   Breeders work toward breeding dogs that will not get "Early" onset Mitral Valve Disease.)  Ask questions, they will ask questions of you, and ultimately work toward matching all families with a loving companion.

The following individuals do not necessarily have "puppies" but they can assist you in your search and refer you to a responsible breeder for your next companion.  Adding any puppy or dog to your family is a long term commitment and our members are dedicated to responsible pet ownership education. 

* 06-17-08  Breeders wishing to appear on the CKCSCSC Breeder Referral list must have been a regular member in good standing for at least 2 years.  

Bardsdale Cavaliers
Rita Rudkin
Fillmore, CA

Briarcrest Cavaliers
Susan Van Luchene

La Reina Cavaliers
Luis & Jennifer Espinosa
Arcadia, CA

Maison du Soleil
Jill Schuberth
La Canada Flintridge, CA

Cottfordcourt Cavaliers
Ted & Gwenn Crawford
Pomona, CA

Cottfordcourt Cavaliers
Ken & Sue Miller
Ontario, CA

Mayfair Cavaliers
Robbie Slemaker
Camarillo, CA

Mayfield Cavaliers
Marilyn Mayfield
Camarillo, CA

Covenant Cavaliers
Melody Groos-Leonard
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Crossbow Cavaliers Est 1983
David & Wesely Schiffman 
Agoura/Calabasas, CA

Robin's Nest Cavaliers
Robin Prodanovich
Santa Barbara, CA

Sandi's Cavaliers
Sandy Harrison
West Hills, CA

HMS (Her Majesty Spaniels)
Susan Cargill
909-473- 9966

Starring Cavaliers
Jennifer Flowers Foster
Westlake Village, CA

Torlundy/Courtlore Cavaliers
Patricia Kanan & Cindy Huggins
Santa Ynez, CA

Kelton Cavaliers
Pam Adey
Corona, CA

Kendrey's Cavaliers
Kent & Audrey Johnson
Temecula, CA

Nighthawk Cavaliers
Daviann Mitchell
Santa Clarita, CA

Summerset Cavaliers
Shawn Barnes

Templeton, CA

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