Ted Crawford, President

As everyone knows by now, AB1634 “The Pet Extinction Act” was shelved for now due to lack of Senate support.  The fight is not over, the opposition is hard at work preparing to bring AB1634 back in January 2008 in a modified version to attempt passage at that point.  They’re hard at work and we must be also.  January will be here before you know it and we must be ready for Round Two.
With the Specialty behind us, and the Legislation fight continuing we will begin work on our next three big projects,  the Meet The Breed Booth at the 2007 Eukanuba Show in Long Beach, hosting the 2008 ACKCSC National Specialty May 5 through May 8, 2008 at the Pomona Sheraton All Suites & Fairplex in Southern California and the 3rd Annual CKCSCSC Specialty will begin on Friday May 9 immediately following the National.  We look forward to having a great week of events, shows, fun and excitement and hope to see everyone there. 


Ted Crawford, President CKCSCSC


Notes from our General Meeting in Pasadena October 10, 2007

I want to take a few minutes to look back at the successes of this club over the last 12 month, for which I take no credit. These accomplishments are the accomplishments of this club and its members. 

  • We currently have 73 members.
  • October 2006, Cindy Huggins did a grooming seminar. (DVD was produced for membership)
  • December 2006, Club wins Best Breed Booth in Show at AKC invitational.
  • December 2006, Holiday party and Awards.
  • February 2007, Valentines Day pot luck and T Touch presentation by Sue Brusso.
  • March 2007, Clubs first Health Clinic. (60 hearts and 51 eyes)
  • April 2007, Susan Davis (Pet Nutritionist) spoke about dog food.
  • June 2007, the club had a very successful 2nd Specialty Show. (After show dinner was double 2006)
  • August 2007, Cavalier Movie night with Hot dogs, Popcorn and Ice cream.
  • There was a lot of work by lots of our members fighting AB1634
  • October 2007, Disaster Preparedness for our pets. Presented by Liz Baronowski, Vice President of Educational Outreach.

Now let’s talk about the rest of 2007 and the first and second quarter of 2008.

  • December 2007, preparing for the AKC invitational once again.
  • December 2007, Thanks to the generosity of Mr. May and the Shackelford’s, Our Holiday party will be back onboard there ship in Long Beach.
  • As you all know we will be hosting the 2008 National Specialty as well as our own 3rd Specialty show in May. First time for Agility and keep in mind that our show will have OB and Rally.
  • If anyone is aware of the Delta Society, you may know that a Cavalier is in the running for this award. 
  • We will be continuing to fight legislation like AB1634 that threatens our breed and our sport.

*****     Note that anyone wishing to be involved with or support the PetExpo in April 2008 should check with Marilyn Mayfield or CJ Brogan.

Ted Crawford
President, CKCSCSC