JULY 2007

Ted Crawford, President

The year is going by so fast, and never a dull moment.  California is battling a "Pet Extinction Bill" (AB1634) in Sacramento that threatens domestic pets for not only California, but for the rest of the Country if this passes [all levels of government and becomes law].  Our members have been active in calls, letters, faxes and even trips to Sacramento to oppose this bill, I am proud of everyone for the hard work going into fighting this dangerous piece of legislation.  Our Clubs "Blog" is the #1 Information source for AB1634 and has up to the minute news on a daily basis viewed by all breeds all over the world with traffic that hits the high 20 thousands at times.   The fight continues to the Senate on Wednesday July 11th at 8:00am where I will make my 3rd trip to the Capital to oppose this bill.

In the midst of this fight, our club held its 2nd Annual Specialty Show on June 21, 2007 in Long Beach and I couldn't be more proud of everyone for the work that went into the show that made it such a success.  Sandy Harrison was our Show Chair (and Trophy Chair) and she and her committee should give themselves a pat on the back.  We had over 130 entries and over 90 people for dinner which was held under our tents "Santa Maria BBQ Style" and we sold out.  During the dinner we had a great live auction with Kent Johnson as our Auctioneer and Gary Beebower our auction chair at his side.  We raised a great deal of money much in part to the generous donations Gary worked so hard to get for us for the 2nd year in a row.  There are countless people to thank, Patty Kanan for the many details of the show she takes care of, and many other members and friends that made such a great show possible.  We enjoyed seeing so many people from out of the Southern California area that came to support the show including the Bay Area, San Diego, Texas and many from Arizona. 

We had a great line up of Judges, Bryan Claydon, Brymarden Cavaliers, UK for Conformation, David McCullough, Caribelle Cavaliers, Australia for Sweeps and Michelle Mulligan (US) for Junior Showmanship.  We enjoyed having them all and everyone truly had a good time.  Our member and club photographer Rocky MacDonald took hundreds of photos to mark this event and they can be viewed here.  Our win shot photographer was Kitten Rodwell and we anxiously await some of those photos to put in the Gallery of our major winners.

With the Specialty behind us, and the Legislation fight continuing we will begin work on our next three big projects,  the Meet The Breed Booth at the 2007 Eukanuba Show in Long Beach, hosting the 2008 ACKCSC National Specialty in Southern California next Spring and our 3rd Annual Specialty following the National.  We look forward to having a great show and hope to see everyone there.  Details of that show will be coming out in the next few months.

I would encourage all of the members and friends to keep up the fight against AB1634 and check the blog frequently for instructions on what to do next, our pets and the Dog Fancy depends on it.


Ted Crawford, President CKCSCSC