The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Southern California


  CONGRATULATIONS!   The CKCSCSC designed, constructed and hosted the 2006 Eukanuba Meet The Breed Booth in Long Beach for the ACKCSC (Parent Club). This terrific team effort produced our breeds first BBIS Best Booth In Show in a field of 144 breed booths! 

Above, member Rita Rudkin in her Victorian gown
and 4 year old Sarah in a dress fit for a queen...


Photo (left) Members Stephanie Hart, Joyce Bustrum, Margaret Mazotta & Marji McCormick receiving the Toy Group 1st and then the BBIS (Best Booth In Show)

Our club was honored to represent the Parent Club at the 2006 Eukanuba Meet The Breed in Long Beach.  After some planning, our committee decided on a Victorian Sitting Room Theme and they went to work.   Construction started with Ted Crawford our President, building frames to allow us to have walls this year, that enabled our backdrops to be mounted giving it a warm cozy feel. Ted Crawford and Ken Miller arrived Friday complete with tools and began building our set!   Ted and Gwen Crawford, Ken and Sue Miller, Betty Turner, Patty Kanan and Cindy Huggins provided beautiful antiques to fill the room.  Additional items were provided by Stephanie Hart, Marji McCormick, Joyce Bustrum and Margaret Mazotta.  Our tri fold brochure was designed and printed by Cindy Huggins.  In addition to the above mentioned members hosting the booth, we had member Kim Johnson join us to lend a hand and we were fortunate to have some out of the area friends Kathy Montgomery and Karen Ferrell with their dogs providing additional relief for us.

The crowds just kept coming for two days,  often times creating a line just to see our booth and meet all the dogs.  Little Sarah, our tiny queen, kept all of the dogs company and spoke to many people about Cavaliers.   Rita Rudkin in full Victorian gown along with Sarah (Marji McCormick's granddaughter) provided many photo op moments for passers by.   The dogs enjoyed every minute greeting what seemed like thousands of admirers. 

Our member hosts in the booth were able to educate many people about the breed, the history of the breed, the health of the breed and assist them in determining if this would be a breed that would fit their lifestyle.  Many were able to buy the 2007 ACKCSC Cavalier Calendar, if you didn't get yours, you still can by clicking here.  Since the Eukanuba show will be in Long beach for five years, we are already planning for the 2007 Eukanuba Meet The Breeds.  If you missed us this year, plan to stop by next year, it is quite a site to behold.

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